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I decided to start this business in 2016 after a gentle push from my trainer/lifecoach/friend. I was in a place where I was yearning for more in life, where I needed to experience more than just going to work and going home. I had a degree I wasn’t using, that I felt was of no good and I just wanted to make other’s happy. I was asked about the skills I had and what were some of the things that I liked to do. Event planning was the first that came to mind. I had always strayed away from that area as a career as I was initially not of the belief that this was a lucrative career. However, after more research, I realized that I can make a living doing what I love and seem naturally drawn to. Even more so, I can truly be happy. I have a purpose again and it is very liberating. As the time has passed, I have learned so much about myself and my circle. I am grateful to those who have continuously supported this dream. I look forward to walking in my light. If you are searching for your own purpose and your own truth, I pray you find it and have the courage to walk in your own light as well.

Blessings… :o)